Learn to Tie Your Shoes

  • Step 1

    Step 1 is easy!

    Cross the strings so they form an "O".

    Now you're ready for Step 2. Let's go!

    Step 1 Image
  • Step 2

    Pull one string all the way in.

    Now you're ready for Step 3 to begin!

    Step 2 Image
  • Step 3

    Pull the strings to make a knot,
    pull them very tight.

    You're doing it just right!

    Step 3 Image
  • Step 4

    Cross the strings one more time,
    but make the circle small.

    Now you're ready for Step 5.
    A few more steps are all!

    Step 4 Image
  • Step 5

    Pull a loop into the "o".

    Hold it tight and away we go!

    Step 5 Image
  • Step 6

    Make a loop with the other string
    and in the circle push it in.

    Now let the very last step begin!

    Step 6 Image
  • Step 7

    Pull the loops as tight as can be.

    That's the FreedomKnot that will set you free!

    Step 7 Image
  • Congratulations!

    You have learned how to tie the FreedomKnot.

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    Didn't quite understand it? Watch this video on how to tie the FreedomKnot